The Jacketeer Tryout Meeting will be
    held on Tuesday, March 5th @ 6:00 pm
    in the AHS Cafeteria 
     If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Robinson
    at Erobinson@alvinisd.net or (281) 245-2617
     Dance skills you may see in the tryout dance:
    Right and Left Split, High Kicks, Chaine turns, Pique Turns, chasse tour, Double/Triple pirouettes (passe & coupe), axel, standing leap, scissor leaps, grand jete, grand jete in second, scorpion leap/single stag, c jump, turning c jump, chaine jete, calypso, turning second leap, switch leaps, reverse switch leaps, battements, tilt kick, stationary (jumping) tilt, traveling tilt, switch tilt, pas de chat, Russian pas de chat, fan kick, back attitude leap, penche, Y-Scale, Y-scale turn, illusion, and fouette turns in second. We know that there may be young ladies who have not taken dance before however, you are being evaluated on what you can do; not what you can’t do. Just keep a good attitude and work hard all week. Many current Jacketeers had little or no experience prior to tryouts. Varsity members are expected to have these skills at the intermediate/advanced mastery level. JV candidates are expected to have these skills at the beginner/intermediate mastery level. 

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