• 2018 Booster Club Meeting Dates: 

    August 14 (Football & Jacketeer Jubilee)

    October 17 (Jacketeer Jubilee, Contest & Disneyland)

    January 22 (Contest, Disneyland, Spring Show)

    March 6 (Spring Show)

    2018 Booster Club Officers

    President: Bonnie & Ramiro Mondragon
    Vice-President: Tim & Katie Laza
    Secretary: Amanda Moore
    Treasurer: Heather Van Dine
    Publicist: Brandy Geiman
    Historian: Tina Barajas, Vicki Stuart & Caryn Wilson
    It is the mission of the Jacketeer Booster Club to serve the needs of the dance team by providing any support necessary. Our goal is to help create lasting memories for each member and ensure the program flourishes through our continued endorsement.