Proposed Budget 


    ALL Booster Meetings will be online using Google Meet EXCEPT Welcome Social. 

    August 12 (Football & Contest)

    October 7th (Football & Contest) 

    January 14 (Contest & Spring Show)

    March 8 (Spring Show)

    May 4 (Welcome Social) 


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    2021 Booster Club Officers

    President: Vanessa Garcia

    Vice-President: Risa Cates

    Secretary: Melissa Molder

    Treasurer: Deloris McKenzie Calhoun

    Publicist: Tylisha Martella

    Historian: Sandra Dale

    Event Coordinator: Rhonda Garza


    It is the mission of the Jacketeer Booster Club to serve the needs of the dance team by providing any support necessary as well as striving to create lasting memories for each member by ensuring the program flourishes through our continued endorsement.