• EnergyResources Assignment

    Directions: You will go to a shared Google doc and save it to your Google Drive with a new name. Next, you will share that newly named item with Mrs. Isidori. Your teacher will then be able to view your document AS YOU WORK on it! The expectation is that you will be able to complete 2 energy resource sections each day. Completion will be interpreted as 10 blank spaces filled in for EACH energy resource, culminating in 20 blanks filled in per day.



    1- Click on Google Chrome (Beach Ball) at bottom of page



    2-Click on the Google tab.



    Sign in             Username: your school ID number @ students.alvinisd.net



                            Password: first initial last initial 4 digit birthyear and two zeros   ex: st200100



    3-Type this link into the search box.






    Select go. The Energy Resources document should now show up on your screen.



    4-Click on File and on the drop down menu, Open with …  Google Docs



    5-Click on the boldfaced Title at the top of the page to rename it using this format:



                Period (space)Last name(space)First name(space)Energy Resources



                Example:  5 Smith John Energy Resources



    6-Click on Share



    7-Invite your teacher by typing in her email address



    8-Uncheck the “notify people via email” box



    9-Click send, OK, OK.



    You are now ready to work on your science assignment.