Dance Syllabus


    1. All students are expected to follow the traditional dress code for dance class. Each female student must provide their own black, full length (to ankle) solid black, fitted leggings for practice and performance. The leggings cannot feature a large logo, words, and/or inserts, mesh, lace, color blocking etc… 
    2. Female students must ensure that the material of their leggings is opaque and not see-through during movement, stretching and high activity purposes.
    3. Male students must provide their own ankle length, solid black pants.
    4. These items, in addition to their dance department shirt and dance shoes, will be utilized multiple times throughout the year for district and campus events and performances.
    5. Each student enrolled in dance will be required to purchase required dance clothing (T-shirt & shoes) through your dance class and additional materials as designated by the teachers. The cost of the dance shoes is $15.00 each pair and the cost of the shirt is $15.00 each. If your student participated in AISD dance in previous years and still has the matching shoes and matching shirt, they may continue to use those items. 


    For more information or questions, please contact Mrs. Robinson at Erobinson@alvinisd.net or 281-245-2617.