• New Construction part of Voter-Approved Proposition #1   $212,445,000
         Opened in August of 2015
         Former  Longfellow Elementary
         Opened in August of 2016
         Opened in August of 2016
         Site acquired in 2014
         Opened in August of 2017
         Opened in August of 2016
     Alvin Junior High School  Expansion and Renovation 
         Completed November 2015
     Verdine Ag Project Center
         Opened in April of 2016    
         Auto-Tech Collision Center
         Opened in August of 2015
         Career & Technology Center
         Opened in October of 2017 
         Site acquired in 2016
         Construction in Progress 
    Aging Facilities & Evolving Programs
    • Replace/upgrade emergency egress lighting and exit signs at multiple schools-Completed 
    • Add security vestibules at several campuses-Completed

    • Replace/upgrade campus mechanical systems-Completed

    • Kitchen upgrades at multiple schools-Completed

    • Replace roof at the Alvin High School Library-Repair Completed

    • Upgrade/replacement of playground equipment at Alvin Elementary, Wilder Elementary, and Disney Elementary-Completed

    • Repairs to the building foundation at Stevenson Elementary, Disney Elementary and Alvin High School

    • Parking lots repairs at Alvin Primary-Completed

    • Gym Bleacher replacement at Harby Junior High and Alvin High School Gym III -Completed

    • Upgrade/replace exterior lighting at Harby Junior High and parts of Alvin High School-Completed

    • Athletic equipment facility upgrade/replacement at Alvin High School -Completed

    • Building demolition of the S Building at Alvin High School-Completed

    • Upgrade of elevator at Harby Junior High-Completed

    • Provide security fencing for temporary classroom buildings-Completed

    School building