1. What jurisdiction does the Alvin ISD Police Department have?

      The Alvin ISD police jurisdiction includes all territory within the boundaries of the District (252 square miles) and all property, real and personal, outside the boundaries of the District that is owned, leased, or rented by the District or otherwise under the District’s control.

    2. Do Alvin ISD police officers have any authority at school functions that are not held on district property (i.e. prom, graduation, sporting events)?

      Yes, wherever Alvin ISD functions are held, our officers have authority.

    3. What authority do Alvin ISD Police Officer's have?

      Police Officers employed by the Alvin ISD Police Department are Certified Texas peace officers pursuant to Article 2.12 of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure and Chapter 37.081 of the Texas Education Code. Therefore, Alvin ISD police officers have the same powers, privileges, and immunities as any other Texas peace officer; such as Brazoria County Sheriff Deputies, City of Alvin Police, City of Manvel Police, Alvin Community College Police, City of Pearland Police, etc.

    4. Can Alvin ISD officers arrest adults and/or juveniles?

      Yes, our officers have this authority, just like any other peace officer in the state of Texas.

    5. Do Alvin ISD police officers write real tickets, and what happens to the tickets they write?

      Yes, our officers write real tickets.  Once issued, they are filed with the appropriate Justice of the Peace court.  If a ticketed individual fails to make payment or contest the ticket, a warrant of arrest may be issued.

    6. What role do Alvin ISD police officers play in discipline? 

      None.  Police officers are not disciplinarians and should not be used as such.  Their role is to investigate violations of law and ordinances in accordance with the authority and power specified in Board Policy.  While police actions may result in the assignment of a disciplinary consequence, discipline is the responsibility of campus administrators.

    7. Can Alvin ISD police officers take action against a non-student if they are not on school district property? 

      Yes.  If an officer witnesses an offense, he may take action and notify the agency which has primary jurisdiction.

    8. If other police department need assistance, can Alvin ISD police officers respond?  

      Yes. The Alvin ISD Police Department strives to be a good partner with law enforcement agencies which have overlapping jurisdiction.  Just as they will respond to assist us if needed, we will respond to assist them if needed.