Dual Enrollment (DE) Information

    Alvin ISD and Alvin Community College have entered into an agreement that offers qualified students the opportunity to earn college credits while attending high school.

     Dual Credit Course List
    ACC Certificate and Transfer Pathways

    What is the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) Assessment?

    The TSI Assessment is a computer-adaptive test measuring skills in Reading, Sentence Skills, Essay Writing, and Mathematics.  Any student who is attempting to enroll in college-level coursework at a community college who is not exempt from the testing requirements should take the TSI.  Also, those students who plan on enrolling in our dual-credit program should take this test. Still have questions about the TSI, check out the resources below!


    Who:  8th graders who are interested in taking Dual Enrollment (DE) classes in 9th grade

    When and Where: 

    2021-2022 Testing Dates

    Application Deadline

    Date Testing


    TBD TBD Rodeo Palms JH
    TBD TBD Rodeo Palms JH


    Why: TSI is a state assessment required to take college-level coursework.  Students particularly interested in taking academic college courses with ACC while in high school through the Dual Credit program are required to take this exam prior to course selection.  Students testing for the first time must take the entire exam (all 3 parts). Your score will determine the courses you are eligible to take.  Students should visit with the ACC Advisor after testing to review their results.



    Step 1: Students must first have an application on file to Alvin Community College. Here is the link to apply https://www.applytexas.org/adappc/gen/c_start.WBX


    Step 2: Complete the Alvin Community College Admission contract. https://www.alvincollege.edu/dualenrollment/pdf/EACfillable.pdf


    Step 3: Alvin Community College Students must take the Pre-Assessment Activity(PAA) and provide a certificate of completion to pay for the TSI.  Here is the link for the assessment https://www.tsipreview.com/welcome/Alvin-Community-College Send a copy of your certificate to your Alvin student email address and your counselor lreynolds@alvinisd.net. 


    Step 4: Students pay $15.00 via My School Bucks https://www.myschoolbucks.com/ver2/login/getlogin


    Step 5: Complete the TSI-A 2.0 HJH Registration form 


    Step 6 - FINAL STEP: Print or email all documents to Mrs. Reyolds:

    • TSIA-2 Registration Form
    • ACC Early Admission Contract and ACC Application
    • My School Bucks Receipt
    • Pre-Assessment Activity Completion Certificate(PAA) certificate of completion

























    Pre-Assessment Activity (TSI)
    Students once you have registered for the TSI, you MUST complete this activity before the testing date.