Student Teaching/Internship in Alvin ISD    


    Alvin ISD welcomes the opportunity to partner with colleges, universities and Teacher Preparation Programs in providing formal student teaching/Intern placements within our district. We like to hire successful student teachers to be full time teachers with us.


    Student Teaching/ Intern Placement Steps:

    A written placement request must be sent from the college, university or teacher preparation program to the Alvin ISD Human Resource Service to


        Lisa Burns, Director of Professional Learning and Innovative Teaching

    Email: lburns@alvinisd.net

             Fax: 281-388-2741

           Mail: Alvin ISD, 301 E. House Street, Alvin, TX 77511


    • Request must be made the semester prior to the student teaching/internship. Deadline is 6 weeks prior to the semester requested. Individual college students cannot make this request. Student teachers may not request cooperating teachers but can indicate preference for schools.


    • Once Lisa Burns has placed the student teacher, she will notify the university and the student teacher. The placed student teacher can then complete the required paperwork.


    To complete the process and paperwork, follow these steps:



      • To access the Student Teacher Application, visit our website at www.alvinisd.net and click on the Careers tab.  Then, click on the Apply Online link.  Under External Applicants, click View External Positions then click Student Teachers and complete the online student teacher application


      • At this time after completing the student teacher application, the only form you need to complete and return is the Consent and Disclosure Form (document under the student teacher application area)  along with a copy of the front of your driver's license to Ana Huffman at ahuffman@alvinisd.net . Once received, Ana Huffman will upload you for fingerprinting in order for you to receive your Fast Pass for fingerprinting from IdentoGo. Then, when you receive your IdentoGo email (please check your junk/spam folder), you will use it to schedule your fingerprint appointment(Note: applicant pays for their own fingerprinting.)  


      • After you have completed your fingerprints, please email Ana Huffman ahuffman@alvinisd.net  a copy of your receipt.  As soon as they clear you through the system, Ana Huffman will email you to come in to HR, 301 E. House St., Alvin to get your Intern badge. You will need to show your Texas Driver’s License to Ana Huffman at ahuffman@alvinisd.net. Then you can be ready before school starts in the fall or the date students return for the second semester.