• Amendments 1-10, 13-15 and 16,17,18,19,21
    1st - Freedom Speech, religion, petition, press, assemble
    2nd- The right to bear arms
    3rd- No quartering of soldiers
    4th- No unreasonable search and seizure
    5th- Emminent Domain, No double jeopardy, No self incrimination, Rights of the Accused
    6th- Speedy Trial
    7th- Jury trial
    8th- No excessive bail or no cruel and unusual punishment
    9th- Rights of the People
    10th- Any power not given to the national government is given to the state
    13- Slavery is abolished
    14th- African Americans become citizens of the U.S.
    15- African American males get the right to vote
    16- Federal government can tax income
    17th- 2 senators per state elected by the people of that state
    18th- The ban of the sale or manufacture of alchol
    19th-Women get the right to vote
    21st- repeals the 18th amendment
    22nd- limits the terms of President to two terms
    24th- prohibits the Poll Tax
    26th- lowers the voting age to 18