• Birthday parties are not allowed on campus.  Students may bring cupcakes, cookies or a small snack with water/singular beverage (Capri Sun).  These items will be delivered to the classroom between 2:00-2:30. No balloons, flowers, or goodie bags, presents will be allowed.  No parents may attend as this is not a party but an acknowledgement of the birthday.   


     A daily communication folder will be used to send home notes and homework.  It will also be used for parents and teachers to pass information back and forth. 

         A conduct calendar will be in the daily communication folder to see how your child's behavior is at school.  If a classroom or school rule is broken, a mark will be written indicating the rule broken.  Please sign your initials weekly so I know that you are aware of your child’s behavior.

    Student Expectations:

    • Keeping hands, feet, and objects to self
    • Be respectful (to self and others)
    • Talk at appropriate times
    • Follow directions
    • Staying on task (not playing or distracting others)
    • Paying attention
    • Using time wisely

         Students are responsible for following all school and classroom rules and expectations. If a student chooses to not follow the rules or expectations, the teacher will follow the procedure below:


    1st offense                 verbal warning

    1 conduct mark         walk 2 laps

    2 conduct marks        walk 4 laps

    3 conduct marks      parent phone call  

    4 conduct marks      before school detention - automatic office referral if missed  

    Positive Incentives:
    Students will be able to earn Yee-Haw Tickets for good behavior. They can earn them anywhere in the school, and from any teacher. Students will be able use these to "buy" rewards such as lunch with a friend, small toys, etc. 
    Students can also earn Bloomz points to "buy" rewards in class.