• Foundations of Art
    5th/6th/7th Periods
    Room D-118
    Instructor: Ms. Hirsch 
     Class Fee: $10/semester, $20/year
    First Semester Fee due 8/24/2018 
     Second Semester Fee due 1/11/2019


    Course Description: This course will introduce the student to the world of visual art.  It is a hands-on studio art course emphasizing drawing, painting, sculpture, color theory, as well as the elements and principles of design.  The student is also exposed to contemporary, multicultural, and historic images, as well as career possibilities in art.

    A $10 dollar fee per semester is required.

    Course Objectives:

    -          Students will explore a variety of media and art-making, both traditional and non-traditional.

    -          Students will learn and explore the elements and principles of art and design.

    -          Students will learn and use terms that pertain to a comprehensive art vocabulary.

    -          Students will view and discuss the artwork of many diverse artists, from the past as well as the present.

    -          Students will participate in group critiques of artwork.

    -          Students will make quality, meaningful artwork to begin forming their portfolio which will carry them, with confidence, into a level 2 art course.

    Course Procedures/Topics:

    -          Students will come to class prepared to work, as this is a studio class and most of our time will be spent producing works of art.

    -          Demonstration of art-making techniques will be an integral part of the classroom structure.

    -          Discussions of art history, social impacts on the arts, trends in art, careers in art, and art advocacy will be incorporated into the course.

    -          Students will be responsible for taking care of all art supplies.  There is a $10 fee per semester for this course which is used to purchase art-making supplies.

    -          Students will come to class with an open minded attitude, ready to make quality, meaningful artwork.  We will be ready to think critically, not criticize.


    Students will be graded on:

    * Effort and work ethic

    * Participation and following directions

    * Classroom conduct and behavior

    * Class assignments and quick projects

    * Major Projects

    Classroom Rules:

    -          Respect is our golden rule – you must always be respectful of the teacher and your fellow classmates.

    -          Clean up after yourself. Put away all materials and make sure your tables/work stations are clean.

    -          Students are responsible for taking care of all art supplies.

    -          Make sure you are on task and following directions.

    -          Always be participating and have an open-minded attitude.


    If the student uses all his/her time wisely, puts in his/her best effort, challenges him/herself, works diligently, asks for assistance when needed, completes the projects, works from home when necessary, participates in class activities, and maintains a positive, productive attitude, he/she will receive high grades in this class.