• Students create their own Social Contract as a team for their classroom and school environment, which each student signs as an agreement and promise to follow.  Students understand that poor behavior prevents the learning not only for themselves but for their classmates, which they all agree is unacceptable.  
    Consequences are designed to give the student every opportunity to be responsible and correct their behavior and prevent any further loss of instructional time.  Classroom consequences are designed with an expectation to help each student be successful in learning.
     1.  Warning,
     2.  Student/Teacher Conference,
     3.  A parent phone call from student advising why classroom education process has been interrupted and allowing the parent to assist the student to get back on task, 
     4.  Office referral 
    Sick Days/Days Missed 
     Students are responsible for meeting with the teacher when he/she returns to determine what he/she has missed and make-up assignments.