• Information About Homework with Ms. Hoffman

    To meet the District's goal for Imagine Language and Imagine Math of 30 hours of IL and 30 lessons completed in IM, students are encouraged to complete at least 30-minutes a day at home for EACH.  Students who are able to complete the 30-minutes a day in Reading will be exempt from the daily Reading Log since the IL will take place of it.  However, students unable to complete 30-minutes a day on Imagine Language at home for homework will be required to complete 30-minutes or independent reading and a reading log.  See information below:
    Students are required to read at least 30 minutes each day 5 days a week.  Reading each day helps students to progress in their reading levels, increase their fluency, and build their comprehension skills.  Daily Reading is a must!  Parents can help their students be successful in reading by discussing what their child has read for the day.  This helps the student learn how to dig deeper in their understanding of what they are reading.
    Students have a daily reading log, which is part of their homework grade.  They are to follow directions completing the digital log in Google Classroom, listing the title, identifying the page numbers they have read from their book ( ex. p. 17 - 23), they are to identify the genre of their book by the appropriate code listed in their Digital Interactive Readers' Response Notebook, and most of all write a summary about the pages they have read.   A summary consists of what was occurring when they began reading that day, what happened in the middle of the reading, and what was happening when they stopped reading for the day.  The student should ask him/herself: Who did I read about?  What did they do?  Why did they do what they did?  The Reading Log requires a daily parent signature confirming that the parent knows that the student read either by listening to them read, watching them read, or by questioning them about what they read after the student stopped reading. 
    Homework will not be expected on evenings of school activities, major tests, or holidays.
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