• What is NHS? 

    NHS is a national organization created under the sponsorship of the National Association of Secondary School Principals with the purpose of creating enthusiasm for scholarship, stimulating a desire to render service to others, promoting leadership, and developing character in the students of secondary schools. 

    •  We celebrate students who excel in scholastic pursuits, as such, part of membership is maintaining a high GPA. 
    •  Crucial to our purpose is getting students involved with community service.  In my opinion this is what we are all about!  As such, our members are required to fulfill 30 hours of individual community service each year.  Additionally, our members will represent NHS as a group at local events needing volunteers with our Officer Committee Service Projects.

    What activities do we participate in? 


    • We provide community service wherever it is needed, for example we usually participate in the Texas Coastal Beach Clean Up or locally within AISD events.
    • NHS has a few social activities of its own including Induction, various fundraisers, a Winter party and a Spring banquet.
    • If you are an organization looking for volunteers with an outstanding work ethic, please contact a sponsor and will we inform our members of the opportunity.


     What are the requirements?

     Although membership is voluntary, part of the integrity of an honor society is maintaining its standards.  Membership in the National Honor Society has become recognized as one of the highest honors that can be bestowed upon a high school student. Membership, however, is more than just an honor; it carries with it a responsibility and should be considered the beginning of an obligation, not merely the successful culmination of an effort to achieve recognition and honor. Below is a brief summary of the basic rules for NHS. 


    •   Maintain the standards of scholarship, leadership, service, and character that were used as the basis for selection.
    •   Maintain the required 5.3 GPA at all times.
    •   Comply with all school rules and civil laws.
    •   Attend meetings and participate in all activities and projects and follow through with all commitments 
    •   Understand that the infraction of rules may result in probation, suspension from the honor society, or dismissal from the honor society.
    •   Complete the required committee service project and perform 30 hours of community service.
    •   Pay $5 in dues each semester.