Dear NJHS Nominee,


    Middle School students who earn a 5.9 GPA or higher are invited to follow the application procedure, if they wish to pursue membership into NJHS. From those that apply, only students who have completed all aspects of the process, with no negative behavior reported, and who have the highest scoring teacher recommendations will be accepted as a member of NJHS.


    While NJHS is a prestigious organization, it is also a service organization, and it requires time inside and out of the school day. As a student who is eligible, do not feel you must seek membership in NJHS. In order to make this decision, the following is a brief description of what this organization is about and what you can expect as a member.


    What is NJHS?


    NJHS is a national organization created under the sponsorship of the National Association of Secondary School Principals with the purpose of creating enthusiasm for scholarship, stimulating a desire to render service to others, promoting leadership and developing character in the students of secondary schools.


    • Crucial to our purpose is getting students involved in community service. Our members are required to fulfill 15 hours of community service every year. This service may be obtained through student-initiated projects or through participation in NJHS sponsored activities.
    • Each NJHS member is required complete their own individual service project each year, which may coincide with the 15 required community service hours.
    • Each year, NJHS takes on an annual service project as decided upon by the service committee and general membership. Participation in the annual project is expected.


    What activities do we participate in?


    Other than providing community service wherever it is needed, NJHS participates in and helps to organize school events with other organizations on campus.


    What are the requirements?


    Although membership is voluntary, part of the integrity of an “Honor” society is maintaining its standards. “Membership in the National Junior Honor Society has become recognized as one of the highest honors that can be bestowed upon a junior high school student. Membership is, however, more than an honor; it carries with it a responsibility and should be considered the beginning of an obligation, not merely the successful culmination of an effort to achieve recognition and honor.”


    Below is a brief summary of the basic rules of NJHS:


    ·         Maintain the standards of scholarship, leadership, service, and character that were used as the basis for selection.

    ·         Maintain an 85 percent cumulative average with no conduct marks below satisfactory. Failure to improve the grade point average or conduct shall cause a member to receive a letter for a nine-week probationary period. If the member continues to fail to meet these standards, a majority vote by the Faculty Council will cause a dismissal of the member.

    ·         Comply with all school rules and civil laws.

    ·         Attend meetings and participate in all activities and projects and follow through with all commitments.

    ·         Understand that the infraction of any standards or rules may result in probation, suspension, or dismissal.


    Should you have any questions, feel free to contact Sharon Earles at 281.245.2045 ext. 5241 or searles@alvinisd.net.