• My Daily Schedule 2020-2021

    1st period            AP Enironmental Science (7:20-8:08am)

    2nd period           Environmental Systems (8:16-9:04am)

    3rd period           AP Environmental Science (9:12-9:59am)

    4th period           AP Environmental Science (10:07-10:55am)

    5th period           Conference (after lunch duty) (11:03am-1:10pm), Lunch Duty (B Lunch, 11:30-12pm) 

    6th period          Environmental Systems (1:18-2:05pm)

    7th period          Environmental Systems (2:13-3:00pm)
    Tutorials are after school Tuesday and Thursday, 3:00-3:45pm or by special request. Virtual tutorials available. See your google classroom for the link.