• Description:

    Every student will be learning the style Chun Kuk Do. Every student is required to wear a Kickstart Kids issued uniform for their daily dress out grade. The students will promote belt rank at the end of every semester by physical test. Each student will be learning traditional karate as well as sport karate and is required to perform katas (forms) and spar. Every sparring match is controlled by time as well as at least one head judge (instructor). Students, while sparring, are required to wear appropriate equipment. Kickstart Kids offers tournaments for the students to attend, they are not mandatory, but will help the students progress both physically and mentally.

    Uniform (top, under shirt, pants and belt)
    Necessary gear
    Great Attitudes
     Grading Criteria:
    Dress out grade 33%
    Notebook grade 33%
    Participation      34%