1. Raise hand if you need anything.
    2. Stay in seat or in your spot.
    3. Carpet time is a time for lessons or instructions. Students are to stay seated and go to the restroom before class starts, when at their tables, centers, or stations.
    4. Follow directions and listen when the teacher is giving instructions or teaching a lesson.
    5. Stay quiet during Literacy Centers. Do not interrupt the teacher during Guided Reading time. Work independently during Literacy Centers.
    6. Be nice to your peers and the teacher.
    7. Follow all classroom and school rules.
    8. Stamp Rewards for making good choices: 10 - 100 points can be earned daily. 
    9. Collect beans for extra recess, ice cream, or movie day!
    10. Loose a bean: Blurt Bean. 


          Looking for Exemplary Behavior students to be awarded weekly!