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    Name: Jon Yancy
    Phone #: 281 245 2770 x 5427
    Room #: 402
    Conference Hours: 
    Tutoring Times:
    Monday-Tuesday, Thursday-Friday 8:00-8:33AM 
    After School on request
    University Alma Mater: 
    Masters in School
    Leadership: UHCL
    Masters in Curriculum: UHCL
     About Me: As a father of four children, I understand the importance of your child's education.
    My wife and I are devoted to our children and their learning. On some days it is a struggle but
    when you see your son or daughter (or both) come home excited about what they have
    learned then it makes those stuggles worthwhile. I am committed to your child's education
    and my doors are always open with any questions or concerns you or your child may have.
    I try to make learning an enjoyable experience that will be challenging and rewarding. I look
    forward to working with all of your wonderful children this school year.
                                                                                             Jon Yancy
    13 Colonies Project: Advertising the 13 Colonies (Due Wednesday, September 28.
    Week of September 26-30: Colonial Life in the 13 Colonies
    First MAJOR unit Exam: Week of October 3
    Week of October 10- Road to Revolution
          French and Indian War
          The Tax Acts (1764-1774)
          Boston Massacre and Tea Party