• Custodial Supply Bid Custodial Supply Bid

    New Proposal Procedures:                              This Proposal has been extended through our Alvin ISD website.  CUSTODIAL Bid Procurements and finally, find the CUSTODIAL SUPPLY BID / Proposal, and Standardized Terms and Conditions.  All purchases from any bid proposal will be made under the guidelines of the Districts Standardized Terms and Conditions.  The Standardized Terms and Conditions detail the proposal award process, purchase order processing, invoicing, and payment procedures of the district. Due to the Length of the Terms and Conditions, they have not been included in the proposal packets but may be accessed from the Website.  We encourage you read and print this documentation as it will be utilized as guidance for all purchasing policies and procedures upon award of any term contract.


    Contact Information:         For further information or questions in regards to the bidding process, contact Custodial Manager,eperea@alvinisd.net (281) 245-2659

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