•   Audition Flyer 2022                                  
    Dance Team Informational Meeting    

    Thursday, March 24th, 6PM

    Face to Face - Manvel High School Cafeteria (Enter the building from the McCoy Street Parking lot)


    Virtual (Google Meet) - Audition Meeting Google Link 3-24-22

    *This meeting is required for parents and dancers interested in auditioning for the 2022-23 Majestics & JV Royals Dance Team.We will discuss dance team cost, expectations, rules, performances, practice schedule, parent involvement, booster club, Varsity team, JV team, etc. This information will help parents and dancers decide if dance team is the right fit for their family.  FAMILIES ONLY NEED TO ATTEND THE MEETING FACE TO FACE OR VIRTUALLY TO BE ELIGIBLE FOR AUDITIONS.
    Auditions will include:
     Jazz, modern, contemporary, hip hop, and pom technique. Across the floors, freestyle, cardio, stretch, an "on the spot" routine, and an interview may be included.
    Technical Skills:
    Grand Jete
    Chaine Turn
    Pique Turn
    Coupe Turn
    Tilt Battement
    Tilt Jete
    Leap in 2nd
    Stationary Leap
    Firebird Leap
    Turning Center
    Russian Pas de Chat
    Right and Left Spilt
    An application and packet of paperwork will be required. Late paperwork will not be accepted and dancers will not be able to audition. No exceptions.  
     All dancers will go through the audition process and the current MHS dance team directors will place dancers on Varsity, JV, or no placement. Results will be announced at the designated time. 
    **Varsity candidates are expected to have advanced mastery of audition skills. JV candidates are expected to have the beginner/intermediate mastery level of audition skills. 
    Transfer Dance Team Member - More information to come! All transfer candidates deadline is May 27, 2022. Contact the dance office ewhite@alvinisd.net.
    Transfer candidate: You made a dance team at another school & wish to transfer to MHS. 
    Other candidates: Must audition at the April audition date.