•            infant sitting in Infant safety seat       TEEN PARENT GUIDELINES

    All teen parents must be accepted into the daycare program at their High School before transportation can be obtained.

    The school daycare Administrator will fax a bus rider confirmation form to transportation and then a bus will be assigned.

    A driver will contact the student to confirm pick up time, phone numbers and address.

    Transportation will provide the appropriate safety seat for the age and weight of the baby.  This seat will remain on the bus and is the property of AISD.

    If the baby does not ride the bus, the teen parent will be required to ride their regular bus or another form of transportation to/from school.

    The driver/monitor are not allowed to carry the baby on or off the bus. The teen parent may not leave the baby on the bus with the driver/monitor or any reason for any length of time.


    The bus will only wait 3 minutes for the teen parent to board the bus.
    Be ready when the bus  arrives.
    The bus will not return and transportation becomes the responsibility of the teen parent.


    If the bus is not needed, contact the transportation department by 5:00am to cancel bus service for that day.


    After 3 consecutive attempts to pick up and the teen/baby does not ride and has not
    called to cancel service for the day, the service will be suspended until contact has
    been made with transportation to resume service.



    Dispatch:   281-245-3101 (if not riding)

    Supervisor:  281-245-2977 Vicki Clark (concerns/questions)