(Record requests may be sent to humanresources@alvinisd.net.  This is a secure, monitored email.
    When Resigning or Have Left

    You must submit a Records Release Form (see Exhibit) to obtain original Service Records or Transcripts on file. 


    A service record cannot be created until all attendance is posted. All school property and outstanding balances will need to be resolved before Service Records will be released.


    Once the original Service Records are released, additional requests for certified copies can be issued for our District only.


    An unofficial service record can be requested for additional certifications at any time. Requests must be submitted to the Wage and Salary Coordinator.


    When Beginning Employment


    At the time of hire, Service Records and Transcripts will need to be requested by the employee from their previous districts or universities. All Service Records submitted, must be originals, completed in their entirety with original, Official Signatures. It is the responsibility of the employee to get originals on file. If they do not have a Service Record from a previous institution, they must get a verification of Accreditation Status form completed with an attached approved Teacher Service Record Form FIN 115 completed in its entirety. 


    DBA Legal states:


    The basic document in support of the number of years of professional service claimed for salary increment purposes and both the state’s sick and personal leave program data for all personnel is the service record (form FIN-115) or a similar form containing the same information. It is the responsibility of the issuing district to ensure that service records are true and correct and that all service recorded on the service record was actually performed.


    The service record must be validated by a person designated by the District to sign service records. The service record shall be kept on file at the District.