BEFORE Evaluation/PRACTICE BEGINS: March 31st No pre-tyout meeting.  Make contact with Coach Roberts of you are interested.

    Current physical uploaded and approved in planeths.com

    • Every swimmer must be eligible to participate according to the UIL requirements, grades and school grade. 6th graders are not allowed to participate. 
    • If you were passing at the end of the 3rd nine weeks, you are eligible
    • Every swimmer must provide their own swimsuit--> one-piece for girls and "jammers" are recommended for boys. 
    • Every swimmer should have a swim cap, goggles, and a towel. (caps needs to be without emblems or have small emblems)  

    Evaluation/PRACTICE: March 31st

      • Parents will need to drop off their swimmer at SCHS pool for each practice no earlier  than 6:45am no later than 7am
      • Swimmers will need to be dressed and ready for practice each morning, Swimmers must have shoes of some sort and be covered up.
      • Swimmers need to be in the water by 7:00 a.m and practice will end by 8a.m. 
      • Swimmers will be bussed back to NRJH each morning in time to get showered, eat breakfast, and get ready for school. 


    • Evaluation of swimmers will include a warm-up, followed by a 100 yard swim of each of three strokes (50 yard butterfly), and a 200 yard freestyle. The 100 yard swims will be judged on technique, not time. Swimmers must prove they can legally swim all four strokes without disqualifying. The 200 yard freestyle will be for a time. The combination of these two will determine who makes the team.



    • Meets will take place at Manvel, Angleton, Shadowcreek and Friendswood high schools.
    • Meets generally start at 5:30 p.m. and end around 7:00 p.m.
    • Swimmers will be bussed to and from to the swim meet.
    • A swimmer can be taken home from the meet only if the proper release form is completed before the child boards the bus to go to the meet. These forms are available from the coach at the meet.

    Practice Schedule

    1st week-(Wed)3/31,(Thur)4/1

    2nd week-4/5,4/6,4/7

    3rd week- 4/12,4/13

    4th week-4/19,4/20,4/21

    5th week-4/26,4/27,4/28




    Week 1: 4/8 Brazoswood

    Week 2: 4/14 SCHS

    Week 3: 4/22 Angleton

    Week 4: 4/29 SCHS



    Remind code is @nrjhsw