• Sole Source/Single Supplier:



    Vendors desiring to do business with any school district or government entity should be approved under a bid proposal process or an approved vendors list.  Anyone who might qualify for Sole Source/Single Supplier status is encouraged to apply.  As a qualified Sole Source/Single Supplier, purchases do not go against a bid limit in a said category. 


    Purchases from vendors that are not on an approved bid proposal or vendors list, and do not qualify for Sole Source/Single Supplier status, will go against the bidding limits of said category as set up by the State Purchasing Laws. 


    For example, if a particular publisher/vendor is not on any of Alvin ISD or state approved vendors lists, and they do not qualify for Sole Source/Single Supplier status, purchases from this vendor will be charged against the Library Category‘s $10,000.00 bid limit.


    Alvin ISD recognizes Sole Source/Single Supplier status as valid for the school year term as defined from July 1st to June 30th.


    The Purchasing Department has established a packet for a vendor to qualify for Sole Source/Single Supplier status with Alvin ISD. 


    Complete the Sole Source Affidavit



    ALL Sole Source requests must include a completed current W-9 form with submission to Purchasing for approval.


    Vendors may fax their requests for approval to the Purchasing Department at (281)585-4567.  Other options for submission include sending it electronically or sending it by mail.  Vendors should be approved within 24 hours if their paper work is submitted appropriately.   


    Once the Purchasing Department has approved the vendor for Sole Source status, an approval (via e-mail) will be sent to the appropriate budget manager and a purchase order may then be processed with the company.  Once a vendor is approved, any campus will have the ability to purchase the specified product from the approved vendor.