Sole Source/Single Supplier



    Under TEA 44.031 (j) a school district may purchase an item that is available from only one source including:


    (1)  an item for which competition is precluded because of the existence of a patent, copyright, secret process or monoply;

    (2)  a film, manuscript or book;

    (3)  a utility service, including electricity, gas or water   and

    (4)  a captive replacement part or component for equipment.


    Anyone who might qualify for Sole Source/Single Supplier status is encouraged to apply.  As a qualified Sole Source/Single Supplier, purchases do not go against a bid limit in a said category. 


    Purchases from vendors that are not on an approved bid proposal or vendors list, and do not qualify for Sole Source/Single Supplier status, will go against the bidding limits of said category as set up by the State Purchasing Laws. 


    Alvin ISD recognizes Sole Source/Single Supplier status as valid for the school year term as defined from July 1st to June 30th.


    The Purchasing Department has established a packet for a vendor to qualify for Sole Source/Single Supplier status with Alvin ISD. 



    Click here to complete the:   Complete the Sole Source Affidavit



    ALL Sole Source requests must include a completed current W-9 form with submission to Purchasing for approval.


    Vendors may fax their requests for approval to the Purchasing Department at (281)585-4567.  Other options for submission include sending it electronically to Purchasing@alvinisd.net or sending it by mail.  Vendors should be approved within 24 hours if their paper work is submitted appropriately.   


    All Sole Source paperwork will be audited prior to a vendor number and commodity code being setup in the system.  Once the Purchasing Department has approved the vendor for Sole Source status, an approval (via e-mail) will be sent to the appropriate budget manager and a purchase order may then be processed with the company.  Once a vendor is approved, any campus will have the ability to purchase the specified product from the approved vendor.