• Course: Spanish III PAP                                                     Phone: (281) 245-2232

    Teacher: Cristina Partida                                        Conference: 1st  Period (7:20-8:14)

    Tutorials: Monday & Wed. 2:50 - 3:50 pm                                 Email: mpartida@alvinisd.net



    Course Description:


     In this course students will develop skills such listening, speaking, reading, and writing in Spanish as a continuation of Spanish II. This course is designed for student success in Spanish IV AP and V. In order to prepare for this level, students will focus on a wide variety of activities on language skills. The class will follow an accelerated path and explore the material in more depth than a regular class. Students will also be tested at a higher level of competencyWhile grammar plays an important role in the course, emphasis is placed on intermediate fluency and comprehension. Each unit of study will include vocabulary, advanced grammar exercises, writing, culture, active speaking, a project, and listening comprehension exercises.


    Pre-AP/AP courses require more individual study time per week than the regular class. Students will need to read and prepare outside the classroom to effectively participate in classroom discussions and activities.


    Students taking this course should have earned at least an 85% in Spanish II or an 80%in Spanish II Pre-AP or department placement.