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College & Careers

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Girls PE (7/8)


Email:  amock@alvinisd.net

Phone: 346-215-6159

Room: B125 

Conference: 1:20-2:10 (M.Th.F)/ 1:40-2:25 (Tue.Wed)

Tutorials: 8:05-8:30 (Mon & Fri)






                                  2019-2020 Schedule

                                     1st- Co-Teach

                                     2nd- PE

                                     3rd- College & Careers

                                     4th- College & Careers

                                     5th- Conference

                                     6th- PE

                                     7th- Athletics




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I am an Alvin native..... I attended all A.I.S.D schools during my K-12 years and graduated from Alvin High School. I received my Bachelor’s degree from Texas Southern University and I have the ultimate pleasure of starting my 7th year as an educator and coach for this awesome district. My mother was also a PE teacher/coach in the Alvin district for 30+ years and retired in 2004. She is a HUGE reason of why and how I got my motivation to teach and make a difference in a child's life. She is one of the major reasons of why I love what I do! Teaching and coaching have been a true passion since I was in the 5th grade. Whether it's in the classroom or through sports, the relationships I build with my students amaze me daily! :-)