Ms. Javonna Harrell

Phone: 281-245-3700


Degrees and Certifications:

BS in Interdisciplinary Studies Certification Early Childhood - Sixth Generalist ESL Supplement

Ms. Javonna Harrell

Welcome! I am a sixth grade ELAR teacher. I obtained a BS in Interdisciplinary Studies and an ESL supplement from Texas Southern University. When I'm not teaching I'm most likely learning and dancing with my one year old. I believe that teaching is more than just standing in front of a classroom administrating information to students. Teaching is a path, to ensure students obtain knowledge to be successful in their future academic endeavors, as well as life endeavors. I believe personally believe not every child learn/grasp new information in the same manner, which is why I plan to teach using differentiation instruction. As Carol Ann Tomlinson puts it “differentiation means giving students multiple options for taking in information”. In using differentiation instruction, I plan to give formative assessments throughout the school year in order to understand where each student thrives, as well as where each student struggle. It will also be my responsibility to recognize the different types of learners who are in my class. I plan on relaying knowledge to my students by engaging them with not just sequential and analytical activities, but also including intuitive, random, and imaginative activities. I believe by incorporating each and everyone of  the different types of activities listed above, I will help my students realize that learning doesn’t have to be “boring”. Teaching in this manner will  also engage the students in learning and push them to not only want to learn, but to be excited about learning as well.