Mrs. Havnen
    Jennifer Havnen
    Campus Phone #
    Room #268
    Conference Hours M-F 8-4

    About Me
    Hello! This is my 17th year teaching students from grades K-5th grade. I have lived in Illinois and California, but I'm proud to call Texas home and I never want to move again! I have been married for 20 years to Jeremy, and I have two Jr. High girls and a son here at Meridiana. I have two collies, two cats, one cockatiel, and a leopard spotted gecko. I love teaching, gardening, exercising, going to church, playing piano, cross stitching, doing karate, and kayaking. I love trying to learn new things, as long as it doesn't involve drawing. I am the reading teacher this year and my goal is support my students in learning vocabulary, comprehension, fluency, phonics, grammar, writing, and improving their abilities so they love reading as much as I do. I enjoy getting to know my students in small groups and emphasizing their strengths as we fill in gaps to improve their academic achievements. Never hesitate to ask a question... I love to help!