•  Pauley
    Name:  Donna Pauley
    Campus Phone # :  281-245-3000, Ext. 2746
    Room # CM-123
    1st:   Instructional Coach
    2nd:  Conference
    3rd:  Instructional Coach
    4th:  Instructional Coach
    5th:  AP Literature
    6th:  AP Literature
    7th:  English III
    University Alma Mater:  University of Houston - Clear Lake
                                             B.A. Literature
                                             M.A. Literature
                                        University of Houston
                                             PhD Literature in progress
    Tuesdays and Fridays after school               
    7th period by appointment                           
    Before school by appointment
    First half of Power Hour Tuesday thru Friday

    About Me
    This is my 24th year as a teacher at Alvin High School.  I teach AP Literature and English III and am head of the English Department.  I also teach evening classes  in Advanced Writing at University of Houston-Clear Lake.  In addition, I am three years into a five-year PhD program in literature at UH main campus. 
     Senior Scrapbook Lock-in
    At Stonehenge -- on my summer sabbatical
    My Classroom