• This is my 6th year at Harby Junior High teaching science and 14th year overall!  When I'm not teaching, I spend my time with my family. I'm married and a father of three amazing children, ages 15, 10 and 8. My wife is also an educator at Fairview Junior High. We spend many of our weekends at the baseball park, where I coach and my boys play. When we are not at baseball pratice or tournaments, we enjoy watching movies, streaming series and listening to most genres of music, including my daughters amazing choir performances!
    We are going to experience a lot of science this year! We will analyze and discuss current trends in science and conduct many hands-on experiments to enhance our science knowledge!
    Have a great year Hawks!
    Michael Reynolds
    Room 222
    Conference 2:30-3:00
    Lamar University - BS Geology/Earth Science