9815 Meridiana Parkway   Iowa Colony, TX 77583


  • Vision:

    Meridiana Elementary is committed to creating a culture of respect, integrity, and commitment so that all of our students are empowered to become successful leaders and lifelong learners

     Core Beliefs:

    • We believe that building positive relationships with our students is vital to their success.
    • We believe that we should always make students our first priority.
    • We believe that we must provide a safe and nurturing environment that fosters student success.
    • We believe that we must be committed to providing engaging experiences to promote academic growth for all of our students.
    • We believe that we must model life long learning by growing professionally and learning from one another to foster student learning.
    • We believe that collaborating and working with our parents and community are necessary to meet our students’ needs.
    • We believe that we must create a culture of pride and ownership for our campus.


    LEARNING is an adventure. Never stop exploring!

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