k smith   Kelley Smith
    281-245-3000 X4203
    CM 114
    Conference: 5th Period
    Tutoring Times: T, Th after school or by appointment other days
    Teaching History:
    Alvin Junior High, ELA 1996 - 2001
    Alvin High School, English 2001-2006
    Alvin ISD Curriculum Department, English/ Language Arts Lead Teacher K-12 2006-2012
    Alvin High School, English 2012 to present
    (Alvin Community College, Composition and Rhetoric, and Univ. of Houston - Clear Lake, Advanced Writing)
    Alvin High School Graduate, Class of 1992
    University of Houston - Clear Lake 1996, Bachelor of Arts in Literature and Education
    University of Houston - Clear Lake 2008, Master of Arts in Literature and Composition 

 Kelley Smith



Degrees and Certifications:

Kelley Smith

I am a lifelong resident of Alvin, TX. I live with my husband, youngest son, two dogs, and one cat. My oldest son is currently serving in the US Coast Guard. My favorite things to do when I'm not teaching are read on my porch swing, travel to literary landmarks, state, and national parks, and try to convince my husband to build things I see on Pintrest. I have been to over 100 Roadside America Locations and hope to find more. I have also been to 6 authors' houses and other locations on the Southern Literary Trail. 


  • Mrs. Smith's Cell Phone Policy 

    I believe technology is a tool that can enhance student learning. However, because of the nature of our current cell phone-reliant society, smart phones have become more of a distraction that hinders student focus and comprehension.  Therefore, students will only be allowed to use their cell phones for specific and approved purposes. Unless I have specified otherwise, phones should be placed in the charging station at the back of the classroom. They may not have them in their pockets, in their laps, or on their desks. 
    This policy also means that you will not be able to reach your student by cell phone when he/ she is in my classroom. If you have an emergency, please call the front office at 281-245-3000, and they will connect you with my classroom phone or send a note to your student. If there is an extenuating circumstance, students should speak to me at the beginning of class. I have two teenagers, one of whom is shipping out to the Coast Guard in August. I understand our need to feel connected. (Extenuating circumstances may include such things as an immediate family member in the hospital but does not include events such as picking up someone early for an orthodontist appointments. Our attendance office can reach us anytime necessary.)
    If there is some kind of emergency on campus such as a fire alarm or non-scheduled lockdown, students will be allowed to have their phones.
    Students who do not comply will have their devices taken away for the class period. Repeat offenders’ devices will be turned into Mrs. Taylor’s office.

    Research about the effects of cell phones in the classroom:

    The Mere Presence of Your Smartphone Reduces Brain Power, Study Shows

    The Myth of Multitasking

  • Reading Links
    2018-2019 Student Supplies:
    English II and III Students
    All students need to bring a box of Kleenex and 2 individual tape dispensers that they will turn in and a composition book or spiral notebook that they will keep to use in class.
    tissue     book tape x2     
    Capstone Seminar Students
    All students should bring a box of Kleenex to turn in.
    Students will also need:
    • a 1 inch binder
    • dividers
    • notebook paper 
    • 10 (minimum) sheet protectors
    • a flash drive 


  • Go to the Pre AP English II page or the AP Capstone page to find the summer assignment.
    (Capstone Edmodo code has changed from original hand out. See Capstone page for updated code.) 
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