Savannah Lakes Elementary

5151 Savannah Pkwy.   Rosharon, TX 77583



    Savannah Lakes Elementary - Est. 2008 


    Our SLE Campus Vision

    We are committed to building relationships and providing meaningful experiences that lead to each student’s success.


    Our SLE Campus Beliefs

    • We believe students thrive when teachers build a trusting environment with challenging, engaging, and meaningful experiences.
    • We believe parents deserve a school where everyone collaborates to provide a caring environment.
    • We believe teachers succeed when they are valued and supported.
    • We believe a partnership with the community creates valuable opportunities for student success.


    District Logo
    Alvin ISD Vision
    Alvin ISD is a dynamic learning organization committed to excellence for each student and every program.
    Alvin ISD Core Beliefs
    • We believe students achieve their maximum potential when provided engaging learning opportunities.
    • We believe parents expect excellence in educational experiences that will make each child's goals become achievable.
    • We believe teachers create a safe and engaging learning environment that fosters the success of each student.
    • We believe campus leaders establish a climate where everyone matters by creating a culture of pride and ownership in their schools.
    • We believe the central office provides the foundation to equip staff with resources in a supportive environment so that each student has the opportunity to thrive.
    • We believe the Board of Trustees egages the community to create an environment where excellence is prioritized to ensure each student reaches his or her maximum potential.
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Contact Information

  • Phone

    Phone: 281-245-3214
    Fax: 281-245-3161 

Quick Facts

  • Savannah Lakes Elementary

    Located in Rosharon, Texas

    Serving Pre-K - 5th grade students

     Approximately 900 students enrolled

    Elementary Hours of Operation: 

    Doors open: 7:15am
    Breakfast:   7:15am-7:50am
    Instructional Hours:  8am-3:25pm
    Dimissal begins

    Kinder - 5th Grade - 3:25pm (early release at 12:30pm)

    PreK AM - 8:00am - 11:10am (early release 8:00am - 10:00am)

    PreK PM - 12:15am - 3:25pm (early release 10:30am - 12:30pm)