Me and a new wise student... Click here for my Open House Video!

     VISUAL ART  Photography, Painting and AP
    Vicky Lee Satterwhite
     Campus Phone #346-347-4598
    Room #D1062015 MHS TOTY
    Conference: 1st period
    Bachelors in Fine Arts: University of Houston
    Masters in Technology Leadership: Lamar University

    About Me
      This is my 16th year at MHS teaching Photography, Advanced Photography, ART 2- Painting, AP Drawing, AP Photography and AP 2D design.  I love teaching!
    This will be a strange year for everyone, please let me know if you need anything. We are better and stronger together.
    All work will be via Google Classroom. 
    These classcodes will be emailed to students and guradians. Please join to keep up to date on whats going on in my classroom.
     This is also where I have my syllabi, and all assignments .
    My tutorials are Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 3-3:30pm 
    Let me know if you need an additional tutorial time.
     I am also the high School Visual Arts Lead teacher for AISD.
    Students in Pompei
    I also love chaperoning students abroad-!! 
     I am lucky to be chaperoning students to  Greece, June 2022 and JAPAN Spring break 2023!
    Email me if you are interested in joining us!
    1st - Conference (7:20-8 am) 
     2nd- Art 2 Photography + Art3- Photography
    3rd- Art 2 Painting
    4th- Art 2 Painting
    5th- AP Drawing and AP Design
    6th- Art 2 Photography
    7th - Lead Teacher period