Alvin Independent School District

Dr. Brent
Fred Brent, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools
Alvin Independent School District

   The 2013-2014 school year is here and with this new beginning comes excitement and opportunities, such as the expansion of career and technical education offerings, additional extra curricular programs, new communication tools and the continual development of challenging and engaging instructional opportunities throughout our District curriculum.  As students and families prepare for the new year, the Alvin ISD faculty and staff are continually considering new and innovative opportunities for our students. 

            The Alvin ISD Vision Statement reads, “Alvin ISD is a dynamic learning organization committed to excellence for all students and every program.”  The men and women of Alvin ISD commit that this vision will be embedded into the core of our actions.  As the District continues to grow and transform this vision will provide the direction for our future.

             Alvin ISD continues to be the fastest growing District in the Houston area.  During the 2012-2013 school year, the families of our community entrusted us with more than 800 new students, and we will assuredly cross the 19,000-student mark early this fall.  I am humbled that the families in our community continue to place their trust in our District.  We take our responsibility to heart and we are committed to serve with a particular focus on designing engaging learning opportunities and building positive relationships with our students and their families.   

         The work of the District’s 2,500 faculty and staff members is guided by our five core beliefs: 

I.         Trusting relationships in a safe and caring environment are vital to an innovative learning organization.

II.         A learning organization focused on excellence will continually transform to best suit the needs of our students and community.

III.         Through community support and engagement, quality public schools build and preserve a healthy democratic society.

IV.         Every student is uniquely capable and deserves to be provided engaging, challenging and meaningful work.

V.         Each student should be empowered to realize the opportunities that they have as 21st century learners.

            Please know that your District is strongly committed to meeting the unique needs of every child. I encourage you to stay involved in the educational process by communicating with teachers and principals as well as our District administrative staff. 

 We are here to serve and we greatly value your involvement.

Fred Brent