Alvin Independent School District

Dr. Brent
Fred Brent, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools
Alvin Independent School District

Alvin ISD community,

Thank you for another great school year!  

Please understand that it has been a privilege for me to serve alongside the incredible men and women who work each day to make Alvin ISD a dynamic learning organization.  For that reason, it is incredibly difficult to share that earlier today, I was named Lone Finalist for the position of superintendent in Georgetown ISD.

This process has been challenging for my family and we felt it was in our best interest to accept this opportunity.

I am so proud to have served the students, staff and communities of Alvin ISD.  We are a strong learning organization with an incredibly bright future.  There are great men and women serving in our academic, financial and operational systems that are committed to the success of Alvin ISD and the communities we serve.

Collectively our focus on providing students with engaging learning experiences and purposefully building positive relationships is driven by a moral imperative that is tightly held by individuals throughout Alvin ISD and our communities.  Our vision and core beliefs remain strong and will guide the work of Alvin ISD for many years to come.

I will continue to serve Alvin ISD throughout the month of June and I hope to personally say good-bye to as many of you as possible.

Serving Alvin ISD has been an incredible honor and I am thankful for each day I was allowed to do this work. 

Fred Brent

Superintendent of Schools
Alvin Independent School District