Nolan Ryan Jr. High

NRJH Library Media Center
Policies and Procedures
2014 - 2015
Suzanne Landry, Teacher & Librarian
TBA, Library Media Assistant
  1. The NRJH Library utilizes a flexible schedule based on the needs of our teachers and students. In order to reserve the library for collaborative classes, research and special events, please sign up at the circulation desk. If you need the librarian to be involved with your activity, please schedule a time for collaboration with her in advance.
  3. Checkouts/Checkins: Students are scheduled to come to the library once or twice a month with their LA teacher. Students may also exchange books throughout the week with a signed pass.
  5. Please check with the library staff in advance if you need to make special arrangements for more than 2  students to work in the library to make-up a test or use the computers. The library may not be available to provide the supervision necessary if there are classes going on during that same time period.
  7. Teachers who need several resources pulled for a specific project may request a reserve cart of resources to be checked out to the teacher and kept in the classroom for 1 - 2 weeks.
  9. We do follow copyright guidelines at NRJH. Although we do have videos that can be circulated to classrooms, all videos must have instructional value, and be recorded in lesson plans. If there is any question regarding appropriateness, that is handled through communication with the principal or assistant principals.
  11. Let the library staff know a day in advance if you must cancel your scheduled library visit. We will then be able to accomodate other requests.