Laura Ingalls Wilder Elementary

Welcome to 3rd and 4th Grade UIL Spelling!!!

We are so excited that each of you have chosen to try out for our UIL spelling competition this year!! It is going to be a fun time of exploring and memorizing the English language. Our spelling group will meet every Wednesday afternoon, from 3:45pm to 4:45pm, in Mrs. Carriere’s classroom (Room 163). Below you will find the dates for our practices. Please make sure that your child has the proper transportation from school on these dates and please be prompt in picking them up.

The below “schedule” is subject to change. If this happens, your child will be given proper notification.

        Wednesday, November 13th

        Wednesday, November 20th

        Wednesday, December 4th
    Wednesday, December 11th (Second round of eliminations.)

        Wednesday, December 18th

        Wednesday, January 8th

        Wednesday, January 15th

        Wednesday, January 22nd (The alternate for each grade level will be announced.)

COMPETITION DAY:    Saturday, January 25th (Students will compete at Manvel High School from 8am-5pm. Details will follow.)

As you are aware, it is very important that your child attend each and every practice. They can only miss one day of practice before they are removed for lack of participation, which further prevents them from being eligible to compete. Please make arrangements for your child to be at school on each of the above dates and have them remain here through the entire practice (until 4:45pm). Also, please send a snack with your child on these afternoons. We will give them time to “refresh” their brains before we begin practice. It is their responsibility to practice memorizing all of their words at home. You and your student will be notified in writing of any and all changes.  Just remember, you are ALL winners in our book and we look forward to this very fun time with each of you!!

Please feel free to contact us if you have ANY questions, comments, or concerns.  J


Ms. Michelle Welker


Mrs. Lori Carriere