Alvin Independent School District

Welcome to Alvin ISD's College and Career Center's Page.
I want to go to college. What should I do to be ready by the time I graduate from high school? That is the number one question that we are hearing from students and their parents concerning their students.

Answer: Make a "To Do List." Might we suggest this one:

Step 1:  Explore career choices. 
Step 2:  Take rigorous classes. Dual credit, Pre-AP, and AP courses add additional points to a person's GPA. GPA determines class rank.
Step 3: Go on college visits.
Step 4:  Do Volunteer Service. 
Step 5: Create an Academic Resume. 
Step 6:  Take the ACT  and/or SAT by the end of your junior year. 
Step 7: Apply for scholarships.
Step 8: Fill out FAFSA after January 1 of your senior year.